Job Hunting in 2022: Here's What I'm Doing

Hay guys!

How have you been? If you've been active on social media you must have seen the valentine posts, lists, and packages that have been going on. By the way, Valentine's day is also my birthday, and I made a birthday wishlist this year click here to see it.

If you have been following my blog you would notice I have been job hunting and whew! what a ride it has been. I shared some of my experiences on How I almost landed the job of my dreams and How I almost landed a job in the finance industry.

Anyways I will share some sites that have been helpful in job search and hopefully, you share some with me as well.

1. LinkedIn :

LinkedIn is pure gold! especially for job hunters like me. You have the opportunity to connect with even recruiting managers of the firms or orgs you are applying to.

For example profiles like :

Atharva Dharwa is currently recruiting Campus freshers as software engineers for Ford. All you have to do is send him your email address in his linkedIn comments section and then he will send a mail with proper application details.

Anna Gkokia is helping all the software engineers out there to land a job at Microsoft she recently moved to Microsoft after working with the UN for a while.

Marvin S. Hoff Chief, Strategic Talent Management at United Nations Population Fund regularly posts or shares job or internship opportunities on his page. He also very recently shared Call for Applications: join UNFPA's global 2022 People Strategy (HR) Intern Cohort (12+ interns) it's a remote or virtual role. Be sure to check it out and apply if it's something you would like to do.

2. Upwork :

A freelancing site offers many virtual roles including virtual assistant roles, project management, and others.

And that's it for now guys I will share more in later posts. found the post helpful? please share, like, and subscribe. Do also let me know what platforms you are engaging in your job hunt.


I am rooting for you to get that job!

Your Cheerleader,


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