Job Hunting: 5 Sites To Find a Job in 2022

Hay guys! I will be sharing 5 sites to help you find a job in 2022. Job hunting can be so tasking! I found a few sites that can help make your job search easier. I also recently shared the IFC/WorldBank Internship Program 2022 if you haven't applied yet be sure to check it out its closing soon.

When job hunting it's important to decide whether you would prefer a virtual role or an in-office role, although COVID19 has changed the workplace a lot and most of the in-office roles have become virtual or in some cases a hybrid.

Regardless of which option you prefer here are some sites to get you started:

1. Upwork :

Upwork is a freelancing site that allows you to apply for jobs ( mostly virtual roles) the jobs range from writing, copywriting, content writing, virtual assistant, social media management, engineering, web design, graphics, engineering, story writing among many others. Whatever your field is I can assure you you will find jobs in your field on Upwork

2. Fiverr :

Fiverr has solidified itself as the number one option for freelancers, all you need to do is sign up, optimize your profile and be on the lookout for prospective clients.

3. Toptal :

You know that event that everyone's talking about but not everyone can get in? that's Toptal it is also a freelancing site but this site has a selective program. When you apply you will get screened through interviews and other formats but rest assured if you make it through you are also going to be getting offers from the best of the best.

4. LinkedIn :

I have preached LinkedIn several times, LinkedIn is really that place for job hunters! if you have been sleeping on LinkedIn please wake up, don't know how to start on LinkedIn? You can start from here

5. Indeed :

ndeed is a site that allows you to search for and apply to jobs .

I hope this list helps you in your job hunt, I am rooting for you to get that job!

Your Cheerleader,


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