How I Almost Landed the Job of My Dreams ( Part 1)

Hay guys!

Recently I have been applying to as many jobs as I can. I have probably sent in over 60 applications at this point! And if perhaps you've been going through the job hunting process you are not alone I do hope that my story encourages you. And if you need someone to talk to I am all ears! Sometimes talking eases a lot of stress and pain.

While applying to a few today I remembered when I almost got my dream job, it was such a moment. Thinking of it now I can't help but laugh at all the imaginations that ran in my head at that time . The imaginary trips I had planned, the work attires I planned to buy , what my office would be like, what my "office people" would be like lol.

If you followed my recent blog , you would have read this post but I decided to share my story again and these time with all the many failed experiences. So these will probably be a novel of my " How I almost...".

So Back in school I went to a private Christian University in Nigeria ( among the best might I add) I really am proud of my alma matta. Anyways back to my story, Phones are not allowed and sim enabled devices. However, we were allowed sim less gadgets and had access to the internet and social media.

On a faithful day , I must add that my friend and I have been applying to this particular organization for a while we sent an estimate of at least 10 internship and job applications while in our second year at school.

At a point I got tired of only receiving notifications of my application and not of the process so I started email hunting human resource personnel in certain countries where I had envisioned I wanted to do an internship in.

I got to know about LinkedIn and oh boy did I go all out on LinkedIn! I started sending connection requests to as many key people I could find from that organization and I went all out . And I was getting answers, most of them were so kind and some let me know there were currently no internships at their branch at that moment. Some others went through the extra mile of encouraging me and sharing their experiences as well most of them were so kind.

And then finally one of the persons I messaged from a branch here in Nigeria responded to me. If I ever make a list of the happiest days in my life I would be sure to add that day !

He was so kind and then explained that there was an opening and requested I come by the office within the week ( my school was in the western part of Nigeria, the branch office was in central Nigeria). Bummer I had exams ongoing then and explained it to him. And to cut the long story short I could not leave school at that time. And that's how I missed out on what would have been the job or rather internship of my dreams.

In the meantime I'll pick out a few things I did that helped my application:

  1. Networking - especially as a Nigerian networking will get you into so many places!

  2. LinkedIn - if you have been sleeping on LinkedIn as a job hunter its time to get back up and go all out this time. Key recruiters are on LinkedIn you just need to search the organization and find the people under it.

  3. Someone once shared " Look where you slipped, not where you fell"

This is one of my many stories on how I almost landed the job of my dreams I will be sharing others soon. What do you think guys? and have you had similar experiences? or where you able to land your dream job? looking forward to reading your comments.

As always, I am always rooting for you!

Your Cheerleader,


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