Guide to Job Hunting : Get a Job on LinkedIn 2022 ( Part 2)

Hay guys! I will be sharing a few tips on job hunting on LinkedIn to help you in your job search. But first , welcome to March! So grateful to God for all of you my dear readers who made it to March.

If you haven't read my post on guide to job hunting on LinkedIn yet, I advice you read that first and then continue with this post. By the way I have a section dedicated to helping you optimize your profile on LinkedIn here .

Did i mention that LinkedIn has over 277 million people which means professionals from every industry you can think of are on LinkedIn. Question is how do you connect with the right people?

Here are some steps to help you with your job search on LinkedIn:

1. Your LinkedIn Profile Should be up to date.

Your Profile should be optimized . When you connect especially with strangers on LinkedIn their first impression of you is going to be from your profile. And you know what say about first impressions!

That's the only shot you would get so be sure your profile portrays what you want people, recruiters and your connections to know.

2. Search and Connect on LinkedIn

In the search bar you get the option to search for jobs , people or people in roles you are looking for.

Your profile was the tricky part now connecting is the easy part. You know how human beings are all different? and different things tick us? whelp that knowledge should help you in your networking on LinkedIn. Truth is not everyone you send connection requests to is going to respond.

What can you do then to connect with potential recruiters? connect with as many as you can. Connect with as many people as you can in the industry, organization or sector you are interested in. I have a small list I compiled here of some LinkedIn profiles that post job opportunities.

3. Network on LinkedIn

Now that you have searched for and sent connection requests. You might be getting notifications of accepted requests by now. What to do? Chances are you might need to talk to them during your recruitment process to ask questions so why wait till then to establish some sort of relationship. Immediately your connection request is accepted send them a message a brief one . Thanking them and introducing your self while also stating why you connected with them.

When you sign up to LinkedIn your first month has a free trial period where you can send inmails along with your connection requests , use this wisely!

PS: If you follow a person rather than connect what it means is that you are only following the persons activity on LinkedIn and chances are the person doesn't even know you cause unlike the connection request where the person might check your profile before connecting. When you follow someone the person is only notified of a follow request and does not need to accept or decline your request.

That's it for now guys! I hope this helps? Please let me know if you have any questions you can chat me privately or comment on here as a guest and I will be sure to respond!

You already know I am rooting for you to get that job!

Your cheerleader,


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