Chapter 4: That Holds the Crown

Zarah stared at her diamond-shaped face and red eyes in the mirror, looked around her eyes for any signs of puffiness so that at least she could say she also had eyebags. But her eyes looked bright asides from the redness from having just woken up.

She grabbed her phone from the counter close to the sink sighing as she remembered once more that she was yet to do her morning devotion. It wasn't the fact that she had not yet done the morning devotion that bothered her. It was rather the fact that she had grabbed her phone this morning upon waking up and gone through all her socials before remembering that she was yet to have her morning devotion.

Staring at the pink bible by her bedside stool she sighed, was Salma right she thought. As much as she had thought she was a Christian, she loved playing religion more than spirituality. Perhaps her unrest was from the fact that she was tired of playing religion she wanted a relationship, she wanted to know God for herself, not the God that preachers spoke about, he sounded strange to her whenever they spoke about him. She wanted to hear God for herself at least once.

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