Chapter 2. The Phone Call

Updated: May 4

Salma checked her phone to be sure that the cal was not disconnected she was about to speak when she heard Zara's silent sobs from the line. She sighed.

" I understand how overwhelming all these is Zara, I know it feels as though God has turned his focus from Satan to you and is firing you with every weapon in his arsenal-," Salma said in a soft tone being careful not to further upset Zara.

" yes, exactly it's as though he has sent every warring angel to fight me!" Zara interrupted.

Salma giggled a bit Zara always had a way of making her laugh. She paused thinking about what next to say

" As much as it looks like God has turned his warring side towards you. Do you remember He loved us long before we loved him? from the bible I understand that there are a lot of questions on your mind and you have doubts. But God loves you so much Zara, best believe that if there's anything going on wrong in your life God is on your side and not against you-" Salma said softly to Zara hoping and praying her words could console Zara. Zara interrupted her.

" that's hard to believe Salma look at everything happening to me," Zara said her voice shaky from having sobbed earlier.

"I know its hard to believe right now Zara, trust me I understand remember how long it took me to have my first child, but let's backtrack a bit you've been a Christian all your life right?" Salma asked

" Of course, you've known me long enough Salma I've been a Christian all my life" Zara answered eyebrows furrowed why was Salma asking her that as though she did not know.

" Ok , then you read your bible regularly?" Salma asked again her tone unrevealing

" yes I have, what are you driving at Salma? Zara asked brows furrowed her curiosity was peaked at this moment, what exactly was Salma trying to say

" You pray regularly then ?" Salma asked again this time there was a small pause before Zara answered

"well often sha" Zara answered scratching her head as though she had an ish.

" has God spoken to you before?" she asked Zara

" well... yeah a few times through the bible" Zara answered

" has he spoken to you about your purpose or have you asked him all that?" Salma asked again,

there was a pause as realization began to dawn on Zara.

" yes, I have asked him Salma" Zara answered remembering how she had asked God diligently during her 10 minutes of prayer as she was eager to hear from God concerning her purpose on earth after all he was the one that placed her on earth in the first place but she had not gotten any answer from him.

" did you really ask him? or did you ask him in passing? Salam asked rhetorically

" you know how we spend 10 to 15 years of our lives pursuing our degrees in a bid to make a better life? and yet we come to God in 10 minutes of prayer asking him to reveal the entirety of our lives in 10 15, or even 30 minutes and when there's no answer we blame him and then stop the prayers as though to prove to God that we can live without him or his plan as though we can create our own plans and live them, I'm, " Salma said a passion in her voice

" but i'm not saying that's what you are doing Zara " she quickly added

"in fact, I don't think most of us do that intentionally but our actions say that for us. We pray when we choose to as though we do not need God as much as we actually do" Salma said

The call with Salma had ended almost 3 hours ago but Zara could not get the conversation out of her line of thoughts. Perhaps it was her guilt that was speaking to her at this point. at 26 years old Zara had never sought God for herself for more than 30 minutes.

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