Chapter 1-Languid the Inability to Exert Oneself

Updated: May 1

Zara was far from the calm collected girl everyone thought she was and no she's not as reckless as you'd imagine. Simply put Zara was a shy girl well if you could call her -a girl, she only recently celebrated her 26th birthday.

Since her 20th birthday, Zara's birthday parties were famous for their extravagance and exclusivity. It was a yearly themed party more like the MET Gala at this point with ridiculous expensive foods that could only be admired from afar, the desserts, however, were always as fancy and tasteful as they appeared the same cant be said for the food. She gave gifts like the latest Samsung galaxies, earbuds, and apple pods. And best believe that every famous chef you could think of in Nigeria had been to her parties at least once.

This year she had planned it to be no different, but something was different this year and nothing could have prepared her for what was about to come.

A month to her 26th birthday and unlike the usual Zara, nothing was in place for her birthday this year. She had woken up feeling dreadful that day rather than take her bible and pray Zara grabbed her phone upon waking up and checked her socials. A call came in just as she was about to send the funny video she had seen on IG to her best friend Salma.

It was as though Salma knew Zara had just thought about her.

" Zee mama! how far?" Salma asked in her usual friendly hype tone as though she had not just woken up from sleep.

"Mtchww I'm ok, how are you?" Zara asked with a sigh trying as best as possible to hide her sadness with an upbeat tone. But Salma caught on.

"I'm good, what's wrong you sound different is everything ok?" Salma asked worry laced in her voice. Zara opened up to Salma and told her how she felt indifferent and languid about her birthday this year.

" It's as if everything I had once planned for myself has been taken away from me my dreams have been taken away from me everything I thought I would be at 26 I am none of them Salma" she narrated to Salma with a sadness in her voice.

This time she could not hold back the tears as she broke down.

" I don't have a job nor I'm I married not to then talk about having a child, I am not a mother Salma, I am none of the things I said I would become when I am 26," she said to Salma in between sobs. Salma held her tongue and listened to Zara.

" Salma I had dreamt I had imagined that by 26 I would be one of the things I had often spoken about, I sometimes wonder if God ever thinks of me as his daughter, what did I ever do to him to deserve all this? I won't lie to you Salma my faith in God is reaching its limits," Zara said tiredness laced in her voice.

Author's Note : Hay guys! Thank you for giving this story a chance there will be an update by 4pm WAT today.

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