Chai With Gimbiya( Life Update)

Hay guys!

Terribly sorry for not posting as frequently as I used to I hope to be consistent in the coming weeks!

Meanwhile for those who might not know , Chai means tea. So be sure to read this post with a cup of tea in hand (lol).

I moved! more like yay, nay!!!

Yay!! cause I am furthering my eduaction, nay!! cause I am going through alot ( inserts crying face emoji).

I am currently on an MA propgram in a governemnt related field in UK. I will be sharing more about the process I went through. And bits of life here in za UK

Meanwhile I can"t, end this post without asking yáll are good innit?

Guys the english here! I've heard to say pardon countless times. Anyways I have a class soon, do let me know in the comments section what you'd like to see more often on here.

And yeah as you already know by now, i'm camera shy, so you wont be seeing me on youtube, except if I change my mind( bear with the pictures or videos I might post on here).

PS: Subscribe to stay updated, have you seen the UNDP Grad programme yet?

And as always , I am rooting for you, always!!!

Your Cheerleader,


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