Birthday Wishlist!

Hay guys!

My 23rd birthday is coming up this February 14th 💃, yhup valentines day😇!

Decided to take this leap of faith and post my birthday wishlist , I mean it wouldn't hurt me or anyone to put this out here right🤷‍♀️ ?

Wiritng and rewriting my list

  1. A Laptop Mac Book M1 Before you shout lemme explain

I'm starting my Masters Degree programe very soon and my laptop has been acting up the screen is completely damaged. Why I chose the M1? It is sleek, portable, long battery life, most websites claim its the best laptop for students.

Macbook M1

2. A Samsung S21 Ultra please don't shout yet

I do love cakes but seafood platters! especially @Mjscookhouse on Instagram I tried their seafood platter once and what a treat it was! I am really looking forward to getting more sneakers this year shoes👠( work shoes, I wear size 38 ) , and bags work bags I'm not really obsessed with big brands like chanel and stuff so I don't mind a Susen bag or just any bag lol. I also love books, journals, perfumes , chocolates. I love surprises!.

Gimbiya this list is ridiculous 😩 I know, I was laughing while typing this. But who would it hurt if I Put it out there🤷‍♀️? i'm putting it out here incase any of my friends wants to get me something here's a guide.

But Gimbiya I can't afford to get you any of these, that's fine I do appreciate your prayers and well wishes. I am also currently done with my recent job and I am looking for more job opportunities so feel free to recommend some to me please, here's my email🤗

But since Valentines day is my birthday its only proper I ask you what you are looking forward to getting or gifting on valentines day?

Even if you think it sounds ridiculous just type it out you never know. And perhaps you'll get the gift you've always wanted I am still rooting for you !

I am always rooting for you!

Your cheerleader ,


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