5 Habits I Am Engaging In For My Finances

Hay guys!


How are you? Like really really how are you? Did you read my last blog post here?

Today I decided to share with you guys a journey I am making to better my finances. And to take a short break from the How I Almost Landed My dream Job experiences I have been sharing.

personal finance management has been one area of my life that I decided I need to take seriously this 2022.

So this year i've decided to :

  1. Budget : I usually budget in my head and then when something comes up I just wing it lol. But I have decided to be consistent this year and be more deliberate about budgeting.

2.Learn More about Crypto and Stock. I have decided I will spend more time learning about crypto and stock markets this year. Please feel free to give video suggestions or profiles I can also learn from below.

3.Learn More Bout Personal Finance. Youtube and I are really gonna be buddies this year !

4.Join Money Africa, I have followed them for a while and their content has been so helpful.

5.Apply the 50/40 rule.

So help me God! Are you setting any financial goals for the year or developing new habits to help your finance? do let me know in the comments section. I do hope you are able to commit to your goals and as always I am always rooting for you!

Still rooting for you!

Your Cheerleader,


Ps; Did you read my last blog post here?

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